Williams, Arizona


One summer as a family we took a vacation to a whole nother state in this country's nation 

We were going to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon

And to get there we should've gone to Flagstaff

But my mom chose another place and took a new path

So we drove for a while 

In the back seat I looked around

Amazed by all the landmark until we hit this town 

It was called Williams, Arizona

I took a trip to Williams and I thought I was back in Jim Crow

Because we were the first black people to ever make a show

Brown skin must've been new to the people in this place

Because when I looked around all I saw was white face

I took a trip to Williams and the bias was in the air

Because the waitress went from sweet to upset when we walked in there

I took a trip to Willaims and I immediately began to figure that a few more moments in town and it'd be "Lynch that nigger!"

I took a trip to Williams and this hurts me to core

When the shopowner sent her daughter to follow me around the store

And some would call me sensitive

But this tory is just as real as my emotions and my scars

I took a trip to Williams and ain't it just insane

That this town is in the exact same state of the home of John McCain?

I knew racism was alive an well and definitely still around

But I never knew just how bad it was until I took a trip to that town


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