Will You Save Me Instead?

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 18:02 -- ducky


United States
40° 52' 47.5212" N, 74° 4' 47.8092" W
United States
40° 52' 47.5212" N, 74° 4' 47.8092" W

We are humans
But we love to destroy, 
Everything mother earth gave us.
Just look around you
and compare the area you used to live in;
Now industrial; 
No longer a serene life.

Money, wealth, and fame
that is all most of you care for;
As your conquest of success.
Dive deeper into the heart 
of suffering insecurities;
You will find 
poverty, pollution, and pessimism. 

I choose to save 
that child full of empty hope
I swear to adopt. 
No, I will not be responsible of increasing the population.
I care more for mother nature
Than just another lasting generation.

So if you care 
to save yourself,
to save lives against,
Earth's extreme exploitation
Make it a point 
To lay aside your 'family' by birth,
and adopt an orphan instead. 


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