Will You?

Mon, 07/14/2014 - 15:34 -- tmarie


The softness of your voice disintegrates the caverns in my chest

The light spurts of your breath that escape your lips after every word,

cloak the expanse of my body

and I love you!


My tongue thickens in my mouth with words I wish for you to know

How your hands, calloused from late night brush with ink of a ballpoint pen on printed paper,

leave searing prints into my skin when you manage to envelop all of me

The way your voice rumbles as you draw nearer to the skin of my ear

and plummets when escaping the tautness of your throat


May I grasp the totality of you?

Press my hands firmly onto you just for a moment

Will you allow me to love you as delicate as handling crystalline walls of glass?

As soft as the dips in our toes molding into the dew of the fields on this earth?

With every flutter of my eyelids,

the flowing flush of your face imprints every object I dare look at

and damn it I love you!


I am foundering over each letter in your name

Asphyxiating with the ghost of every fleeting touch the palms of your hands leave behind

You have overcome all of my senses

There is no more loving simply,

I love wholeheartedly

Enough to fill the crevices you have forgotten to hide

Let me infuse my love into your mouth

and hold it there for as long as you allow it


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