Will Not Be Put Front of My Name

In my younger days
I was throwing fits.
From scream to scream,
To kick to kick.

My disability defined me
As an outside child.
Even though my words were clear,
For them they were not very loud.

As they referred.
Teacher took extra care,
While others treated me like dirt.

“Why?” I asked.
“Why me?”
“Why are they laughing
And being so mean?”

Later, I got back up
Years to now.
To make sure my words
Are both clear and loud.

Yep I have it in my brain.
But I’m letting all the bad thoughts
Go down the drain.

I have autism,
But it doesn’t have me.
Autism is just a thing
That I will not be put in front of my name.



I felt the same way, but i was diagnosed at the age of 13. So i didnt get any sepcail attention until now and i hate the teachers and people trying to treat me differently. I love this poem1


Brilliantly spoken, and for a great cause. Keep up the optimism!


Awesome! Only you can define the term of who you are.


Love this


They fail to consider

That different could mean something other than

Bad. That maybe it could be overlooked.

They mean well, I'm sure, but

We don't need their special treatment.

They cannot respect us

In their mindset.

They refuse to believe

That maybe,

They are no better than we are!

No better.


This is a nice poem that i believe will help many others that have autism. Realize that they should not lie it define them


Nice, I hope you can continue thinking in such a hopeful way.




You go girl! God has a marvelous plan for your life! Don't let anything drag you down!


me too. thank you for the beautiful poem <3

Jan Wienen

Thank you ... I would like to share your thoughts with others ...


This is super powerful and beautiful. Thank you so much for being brave enough to share your struggle. Keep writing, JoJotheMoon.

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