Will I Ever Let Them See?


Will I ever let them- 

the ones who see me but do not See Me-

See Me? I paint, pluck, press and prod

so that they may see me, but not See Me.

I do wish they could See Me, but I am scared.

I love Me. Is it narcissism? No. I am not

in love with Me, but I do love Me. I am

content with Me. Myself and I have fun together-

singing, laughing, dancing, but they do not See.

I walk and talk, I curtsey, smile, and put my 

napkin in my lap - this is what they see.

They do not see me cry and wish, 

think and dream, for I do not let them See.

I am the master behind this disguise so that they 

may not See Me. I blame no one but me. But when will Me

overpower me and allow them to See Me? 

Soon, I hope.

For I am tired of hiding. 

Though depressed and cynical, lonely and lame,

I do have passion, love, hope, and faith...

If only I would allow them to See it.



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