Will I Be Okay?

I stand there in darkness.

Heart beating rapidly.

Breathing heavily.

Three drops of sweat drip down my forehead and down my neck.

And I think to myself "will I be okay?"

The heavy curtains gently and slowly swing from side to side.

The whisper get louder and louder.

My heart beats faster and faster

My breathing gets heavier and heavier.

And I think to myself "will I be okay?

Before I could take one last breathe it finally happens.

The curtains rise and I am revealed.

As I stand there motionless and breathless I realize that the stage is my life.

I must perform and if I do not then there is no existence of my life.

I glide through the stage movement after movement, living.

If I suddenly fall I will have two choices to either get up and continue or stay down and give up.

But giving up will never be a choice of mine.

Because I will be okay.

I will push myself and accomplish what I came out to do.

Because I will be okay.

I will keep my head up and drive towards the top.

I will not stop and I will never stop.

Because I will be okay.

I have started and I will end with a remarkable and memorable finale.

Because I will become who I set out to be.



                                                                                              -Nicolle P. Sanchez






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