The disappearance of many souls

left the past year with feelings of dread.

Will the pain buried deep within cease

or will this emptiness that I have never end?


Wandering through a field of wildflowers

I discovered lives that experienced doom.

But along with the horrid events experienced

I discovered that new lives bloomed.


Upon closer inspection

the flowers shared their hues.

And with spectrum of colors

emotions and stories grew.


White had shown true innocence

of a child who had good intentions.

It shimmered and shined of purity

and portrayed an angel of delectation.


Baby blue was a color true

that held onto its name.

It shared new life and calamity

and showed the sky's beauty during the day.


Gold would become a present

of warmth, acceptance, and light.

It brightened the world as if it were the sun

as its rays pierced through the clouds with might.


As I walk through the meadow,

there will be grief and blight.

But I must also remember

that with darkness there will be light.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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