The Wild Ones

I love the different ones.

The proud weirdos,

The ones who gaze into

a starry night with answers

for life, the ones

who you'd imagine to

have a book written about

them one day for their

insightful thoughts and

adventurous attitude,

the loners, the outcasts,

the ones who smile and

laugh with tears in their

eyes who try to make

everything alright,

the old souls, the

free spirits, the ones

who don't care for trends

or what's new nowadays.

The artists, the writers,

the emotional ones

who cry watching sad

films or feel lots of love

towards someone or

something, the passionate

ones who talk about something

they have so much

passion for that you

see the fire that

burns to follow that

one dream in their eyes

and you feel that energy

that they feel and they're

not ashamed of it. The

nostalgic ones who

just sit back and tell stories

of yesteryear, smiling with

every memory and tearful

with every bit of sorrow,

The ones who have been

saved by God and who love

Him with every speck of

their being who respect others

and motivate them and take

kindness to another level.

The ones who truly

love and appreciate life

with a passion. I love

them for their strength,

their endurance, and their

ability to smile and laugh

and see the light in any situation.

Or bright a light to

someone's situation.

I love them for it all.

It was always

something about

these type of people

that I thought was

just so badass and

rebellious with

a bit of sweetness.

My mom has

always seemed

this way, so it

just stuck with

me, I guess.

Either way, I

love them. If you

feel like the world

has forsaken you,

that no one cares,

or if you're just sad

or whatever you feel,

I love you. I care for you.

Here is a hug from me to you.

I love you and I'll be your

listening ear if you need one.

Thanks. Peace, love,

and happiness be with you. <3



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