Wild and Free


It is January 29th. January 2013 is ceasing. Yet the warmth wraps around me and pulls me in for a hug. I do not understand how the weather can be so fickle. I am sitting by my window, open for business. The wind sneaks in my room past my screen. It enlivens my room with the feeling of beautiful spring and summer. The warmth calls to me. It is inviting me to take a journey. I accept the invite and walk outside. My bare feet prance across the grass and I run. The wind compels me to keep going. I am young, wild, and free. I do not want the beauty to cease. I want to keep running. I want the wind to push me. I want the soft grass below me feet. I want the sun to kiss me. I want the warmth to wrap around me. I want spring and sumer. I want sun forever. I want imagination. I want to be young forever.


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