Wild Abandon


My mothers, my maidens, my crones, 

I write to you in a time of need.

Our ignorance is willfull

But to grow a change, we must find a seed.


We forgot about our mother Terra,

we forgot to water her soils.

We forgot to harvest her gently,

we started a war and took home all her spoils.


We forgot to give our blessings,

we forgot to be loyal.

We shot at her heart

and we will feel the recoil.


She bleeds from her breast,

her keystones to life.

We can clean up the spill

but it won't make it right.


We can give her a suture

and the time required to heal,

but for now walk into the forests 

and learn what it means to kneel.


Abandon your ambitions,

the drive to quell the wild.

Walk deep into her forests.

Be born once more as her child.






This is for both domestic and wild mothers. This is for the women that straddle both sides.

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