"Wife" in a Letter

My future wife.

She looks like sunshine, and speaks like sunshine should
The beauty after rainfall
Like anything that is good

Like a warm breeze on a winter's day
She's oddly out of place
Different than everyone else
But always a welcome face

Her smile glows,
like somehow, she knows that she's the fairest
And yet now - she's embarrassed!
She's humble in her unequaled surplus of fairness

Not just humble, though, and look
She is ashamed to be different
Both inside and out so she
Leaves no doubt for stillness

She is sick- and her illness?
Hiding her majesty.
She's royalty and only I can see
She wishes that like everyone else she could be

But she is meant for so much more than just mediocrity
To be a leader, and bring to the people what they need
She is sunshine, and the world around her is so dark
She could light it up, with what is in her heart

Please do not suppress what you have been given
The spark that you've been hiding, don't give in to inhibition
It seems that maybe you have finally found your cure
Not to take something in, but to release what is pure.


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