Why Writing

I write because not

writing is harder

than writing. If I

was invited to

speak about writing,

I would say what I'm

saying now, but it

would not be the same.

Here, on this page, I

am confident. I

cannot see your eyes

or your fidgeting

(and you can't see mine).

There are no awkward

pauses, ums, or likes;

there are only words,

doing what they should

be doing because

that is what I want

them to be doing,

not because I slipped

and forgot a line.

Writing means freedom;

there is no pressure:

If I want to tell

you about Mars and

its proximity

to the sun and then

list the benefits

of television

marathons, with no

transition at all,

I will. I don't care

about what you think;

I do what I want.

Anyone who knows

me knows the odds of

me saying something

outrageous in front

of a large group of

people are much, much,

much smaller than the

number of people

I'm comfortable

speaking in front of.

Anyone who knows

me well also knows

I will write almost

anything for just

about anyone.

This is why I write:

Writing makes me brave.


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