Why the World is Awesome

Close friends, closer family

Supportive teachers, do-everything parents,

Strong brothers, nice sisters

Helpers, understanders

Difference-makers, pacifists

People, People are awesome


House-pets, zoo animals

Wild Beasts, great birds

Loyal dogs, evasive cats

Plants, fungi

Organisms, bacteria

Life, Life is awesome


Precious moments, craved hours

Desired days, Beloved decades

Minutes with friends, minutes alone

The miracle of long life

The love of all time

Time, Time is awesome


Entrancing books, thrilling movies

Touching music, exciting adventures

Science-Fiction action sequences

Detailed character descriptions

Heartbeat driven melodies

Entertainment, Entertainment is awesome


Soaring mountains, crushing ocean depths

Feared natural disasters, Awe-inspiring northern lights

Incredible sights, Coveted heights

Knowledge of all and above

The twists and turns and miracles of life

The ups and downs of its ways

The perfect order of the natural world

All functioning as if created by some supernatural power

Waiting for us to discover the deepest, darkest secrets of

The Universe, The Universe which is awesome.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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