why we write

Poetry is my emotional dialect
it combats my autocratic intellect
blessed with irrefutable honesty
it contributes to my allometry


clamoring for originality
is destroying my creativity
this syntax is as bad as my rhyming
and you can’t deny this


Forget this shit
it is pretentious
I don’t want to write to sound smart
I want to be heard


Eloquence can be seductive
but it is not conductive
to anything real
so I will make this simple:
fuck this rhyming scheme
it is not poetry
and when I use it
I am lying
about who I am and why I write


“Know the rules before you break them”
poetry is not a list of techniques
and it is not convention
poetry is soul
and if you compromise that
you are writing something
altogether different


The greatest poets are not the Greats
they are those who live daily
with depression and anxiety
and in moments of unbearable vulnerability
lay themselves bare before another


So fuck convention
and fuck technique
we don’t write for them
we write to be alive.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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