Why Should It Matter

Why should it matter

If I am black or white

Spanish or Indian

Don’t assume by the color of my skin that I am


or That  I am white

There is more to me then the eye can see

There is more to me then the way i speak

Just because I speak educated

Doesn’t mean I am not a real African American

Just because I speak slang

Doesn’t mean I am not educated


I am Me

And that’s all you should see

The person behind the skin

So what if I am not a perfect size 2

So what if I am not 6 foot 2

I am a beautiful person

Just take a look

Past my skin color

Past my size

Past it all


So what if I am a girl

who loves girls

Or a guy that loves guys

I am beyond who I love

Beyond who I marry

I am me

I am just like every other human being

But I see things within a better view

Within a brighter light

See beyond the big picture

I see all the little pictures

That make the big picture what its going to be


Just by reading my poem

You won’t be able to tell

If I am female or male

If I am tall or short

Black or white

Skinny or big boned

All you can tell

Is hopefully

My words are uplifting you as you read

That you agree that you are a person

In which the little pictures

Are still being put together to make the big picture

And that picture is



So don’t offend someone cause they look nothing like


Cause we are all unicorns

That live in this world

All unique and different

But who you become

what you believe

Is all on you

And what I become

And what I believe

Is all on Me

So don’t tell me

I am wrong for what I think

And don’t tell me what i believe is false

Because who I am

Has nothing to do with


and who I become

Has nothing to do with



So you can read my poem

And just throw it away

Or you can take my words

And make life better

Day by day

Because who are you to have the right to chose

Who gets to live or die

Cause as I remember

That should be left up to God

So let my words sink in

And make you think

Maybe if we come together

We can make days better

Smiles brighter

Laughs louder

Just By saying

Why does it matter



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