Why is this reality

Tue, 02/02/2016 - 00:59 -- Bravo

I view my speech at a different angle

my thoughts dangle from the tip of my tongue

I feel strangled as words clog up my lungs

when I breathe, it's like I'm fighting to live

fighting to breathe the breath of life my mom was fighting to give

I inhale to smell the victory

and exhale

refusing to fail determined to make history

eluding the cells that's developed to imprison me

envision the dream that so many have of escaping their reality

from youth they wind us up and tell us go while taking out our batteries

conditioned to believe the fallacies that they feed to us

kill one another robbing each other while their feet's up

its grievous for the 1% to see the 99 and kill like they don't need us

facetious they laugh it off and give us more diseases

like cancer... Oh you don't think they really have the answer?

the most recent biological technological advances

I believe they can eradicate as well as make enhancements

if we don't have the knowledge truly slim is what our chance is

my art reflects reality canvas after canvas

when have I really gave my all what can I truly manage

threatened with incarceration poverty is brandished

little do they know ill gotten wealth will surely vanish

some will choose to go the route where they read out loud Miranda

now in days reality's replaced by propaganda

the revolution won't be televised be sure you got a camera

they'll subdue you till you can't breath shoot you while your hands up

the people stand up

and protest

against those

whose job is to protect and serve

why not expect what I observe when they do the same

if you speak up for justice than you die like Dr king Mahatma Ghandi and John f Kennedy

stuck in an entity that's sick and need a remedy it's...killing me

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Appreciate it brother man

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