Why Only One Path?

When A human is born it's a one in a trillion billion to one chance that they'll be themselves

When they first learn of talents it's a one in a trillion billion as to the combinations of such

talents that could lie in music, art, or even poetry on the sly

But why is it that they're told to chose a singular path?

Why not like that of the Renaissance Masters?

What is it that makes us fear the opportunities?

To shy from dabbling and stick to the monotony of talents long-since honed?

I'll tell you it's that--just that, plain and simple.

Humans love monotony--they hate change.

The love in their hearts are minutely tempered by a fear.

How will the dice roll? What choices will they make?

What talents will they have--what habits to shake?

We attempt in this fear to make a million trillion cloned,

but humanities got a backbone--I've no doubt they've grown--

hopefully soon all will see what needs to be shown,

humans were made to have many talents, to divulge from the dead tracks,

to forge ahead anew, find new places using many paths.


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