Why Me?


Socastee High School
5640 Rosewood Drive
United States
37° 41' 47.5368" N, 121° 53' 3.2424" W

They would tell me that I wasn't like them.

That I was too lanky to with their group,

Or too geeky to sit on their stoop.

I was the one they targeted,

For good reason I suppose.


So I have to ask, "Why me?"

Why is it that I'm too thin?

Too nerdy? Can’t win?

Is it some God's will for me?

Or is it my own damned curse?


Maybe I'm just in the background,

Of someone else’s movie.

Or their show on TV.

I’m no superstar.

I’m a fucking extra.


I’m not content with being me.

I never will be right.

I won’t try to fight,

With anyone who agrees with me.

I just want to know.

Why me?

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