why me

Sun, 11/04/2012 - 16:38 -- Ayanna

I cant believe i didnt listen why me why is this happening to me. i didnt mean to get pregnant. im only 17 i wanted to graduate with my friends and i eanted to be free. prom is coming up sooner than i thought, i cant wear that cute purple dress anymore why me he didnt care about me. he couldnt even look me in my eye when i told him about his seed. im getting sick as the days go by and all i want to do is cry i shouldve listen to my mommy. all she can do is ask me why. i look into her eyes and see the pain as the days go by my stomach is getting bigger and people are starting to stare. i cant hide my belly anymore right now, im deciding not to care. her father has turned his back on me its just me and her.My mom looks at me and tells me i cant deal with this shame, you have to go and learn from my pain. i pack my stuff and i have no where to go i call his mother and she tells me its going to be alright, i move in with her and she sees my pain. i live with her until i walk across the stage now im bigger than life i found fame i told my storyto other girls just like me i became the poster child for a successful story.


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