Why Jeremy Lin?

Why Lin? 

He’s just an American? 

Sure he plays ball and he’s Asian,

But why so much attention?


Lin to me, is a symbol,

A symbol of culture,

 long denied by the average white guy.


In America, race is about slaves and injustices to blacks,

That’s why Asian stereotypes persist.


But we exist, we do!

In a time, trying to be color-blind,

Kobe asked, “Jeremy who?”


Kobe’s not stupid or uniformed,

Just didn’t wanna acknowledge

then #17 in uniform.


His slight to Jeremy Lin,

Just another example of black on Asian racism.

Even black broadcasters agree

on why Lin doesn’t deserve his financial monopoly.


Martin Luther King Jr., he had a dream,

If he were alive, Asian issues would be televised.

60 Minutes, did its best,

chatting with Lin and commenting,

“What do you think they didn’t see?” (Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes)

Well Charlie, what’s evident is not what they didn’t see,

It’s that Asians are ignored in reality!

This poem is about: 
My community


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