Why I write, to set myself free.


The voices all scream down on me,

they are all screaming my name in agony.

This is why I write to release me,

 to set my soul free of thee.

Their voices begin to shout louder,

so I begin to write faster.

next thing I know one voice calls out my name,

the voice says ''please Vanessa forgive me.''

Then I say you call out in vain, 

for I've already forgiven thee.

Then the voice says thank you, 

for I've always loved you.

Then I say ''then why did you do it?, to make me cry.

No I know why, you did it to kill my soul, 

and to kill me slowly until I had died.

So now I tell the voice this is why I write,

to release my soul of you, towards the heaven and the sky.


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