Why I Write Poetry

Sun, 01/31/2016 - 06:43 -- rkalfus

"So I write poetry," so you say

In a voice both skeptical and distrustng

"Is it not foolishness at your age

to believe you could turn

those feelings of rage

at life's last and final stage

into something meaningful?"


I look back with new insight

clearly feel the joy, sadness and regret

of years rushing by to never return.

Once too busy for "just living"

no time for self-reflection


Now I have the time

I must use it well.

"Go at it" with the wisdom of old age

taking comfort

in the forgiving beauty in the language

of poetry.


I am a sage who sees past, present and future

as a whole to be respected--

an interlocking force in a single life.

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