Why I Write, No Why I fight.


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Keitaris Goldston
I write, He writes, She writes, They write, We write. We who? We Blacks, the Negros, the African Americans. WE write our struggles. But
Write to express the feeling the pain, the worry, I write through the lines and situations that may seem a little blurry . Writing and letting the words flow like the Nile is the only way to describe the pain that is unimaginable. As a Negro I see my PROS, yes I can be a rapper, basket-baller, shockarller, foot-baller. But why is this the only vision society sees me as today, what kind of medicine are they on? YOU see I write because these are the CONS.
Write because it is the only way to describe a new race of African Americans. The ones who prosper for their merits and morals and always give credit to the soils in which their blood originated...yea that’s them. You see, This new Race of Negros serves as politicians, doctors, lawyers, pharmacist, musicians, and even the great chefs of France cookin’ in the kitchen. I see this new race as a, African American Metropolis, gobbling up great opportunities up like the great hippopotamuses of the mother land, who gives her children the nutrients, vitamins, and mineral to go through life and succeed, and pull out the weed of obstacles that are botanical- slavery, oppression, civil rights, poverty, the ghetto, the hood, the projects, the slums, I write for the family that struggles to pay the bill called the “light.”
Write because there is no other diplomatic way for a person to hear sound, Protesting, Fighting, and Violence sees no bounds. But writing, You see if there was no other equation for deprivation that didn't include periods, exclamation points, commas, and parentheses, The spirit of this Great Nation still wouldn't hold us down like Great old Ramses. Let us go Egypt! Let us go from the deprivation in my free nation please it’s not worth our time, nor our wisdom or knowledge, man, let us all go to the promise land, where God himself promises Milk and honey child, My skin color might be black but I promise you my merit and morals run more than a mile and takes flight, and this is why I write.
Write for the average pregnant teenage African American female or the African American with Aids or HIV, yes we might be in two or three different situations, but I feel depression and sadness like them, my pockets hurts, pain in every which way, but we keep going with no delay
And Most of all I write for myself
My versus are the prayers that are sent to God from the earth, only then will my possibilities and dreams see birth. My creator, my Lords may my words of educational accord be my swords and fight for me, and not my fist. May they fight my struggles, my problems, obstacle that are botanical, and any other weapon of destruction in store, You see Lord I trust in you with all my Might,
This is why I write.





I loved this! I am African American myself and see this stuff everyday. Why do they ask me in school, " You going to college for basketball?" is that all I am? Eye candy...to satisfy you and keep you aroused and entertained....like my ancestors were forced to entertain you in slavery? If you look at it, We take plays from a coach and if we fail, we get punished. We are much more than D level. We can and have the ability to be doctors. the more we go for the easier stuff like "sports" we are enslaving our minds from being free and full of knowledge.... if that makes sense! I enjoyed this a lot!


Thank you remeber that we can inspire anyone through poetry for it is our sound, realize that our race is no longer oppressed, but a live and breathing, and working to accomplish great opportunities in this day and age!

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