Why I Write -- My Best Friend


My Best Friend

I am a singer; I like to sing.

I always thought my voice had a nice little zing.

But when I speak to others with my zingy voice;

Nobody responds, not even a little noise.


I am very smart; I have great grades.

Every school year, I feel like a jack of all trades.

Yet when I make references to Galileo or the Pythagorean Theorem,

My classmates shut me out, as if I were not a girl, but a villain.


So I take to my one true friend,

the one who helps me project my thoughts and listens to me to no end.

It gives my useless voice a use for once.

And in the end, I don't feel like a dunce.


So now, I can sing as I write through the characters I make,

I can make them as brave as a lion or as slippery as a snake.

My friend helps me prove my intelligence to countless readers,

who gobble up my words like birds at feeders.


My best friend is a pen. I write because of it.


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