Why I Write

Thu, 06/04/2015 - 02:41 -- TRasun

Why do I write? Well, let me think, when I write what do you see, my words on a page or the person that is simply me? When I write do you perceive a black figure with the voice of a low rumble, or do you see this mixed toned skin that tells an entire legacy?


Why do I write? Let’s see, can you hear the heart and voice of my words, as they slowly struggle passed every everlasting boundary? Well, do YOU see?


You ask why I write the way I do, or why I bring this shaded depth to the table like underlying encouragement that made you think you were able.


So why do I write? It’s simple, to show you the truth that resides outside your man made booth. I write to bring individuality to this reality in which we live. I write to show that we can be our own faction, even without interpersonal interaction. We can start our own reactions.


I write to show that, we can be that simple spark that lights the way for a better today and tomorrow, and so we can lift our heads and toss away our sorrow.

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