Why I Write


I write because I breathe.

I write because I feel.

I write because if I don't, I'll go mad with all the emotions rattling around inside my head.

I write because words are beautiful.

I write because they are deadly.

I write because if I don't I'll scream.

I write to touch the stars and sleep in the moon.

I write to shout that which I am not bold enough to whisper.

I write because it is how I dance.

I write to defend life.

I write to destroy it.

I write to make my life have a happy ending.

I write to make myself a better person.

I write as a prayer.

I write to scare myself.

I write for the thrill of it.

I write to change my world.

I write to cope with it.

I write because I am brave and strong.

I write because I am afraid and weak.

I write to slay the monsters that lurk in dark corners.

I write to feel the sun on my face and the grass between my toes.

I write to believe.


I write because I live.

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