Why I Write

Sat, 05/03/2014 - 09:59 -- Alacy01

People think these scholarships are the only reason to write

Poems are in my heart not just for one night

I think and think of what to do to succeed

which is hard to do when the whole world is filled with greed

Strive for Excellence, Strive for Success

The teachers always tell you to do your best

All of this education just to pass a test 

This whole world is just a popularity contest

Being a volleyball star brought me some fame

but the reason I play is just to contain my pain

same reason im writing just to stay sane

pain in my chest, pain in my gutt

between school and home I just feel stuck 

dont get me wrong, i dont want your sympathy

All I need is for one person to understand me 

living  in a world where people are judged

Not even because of skin color, just because


YES we all must understand

different is the new norm and will never be banned

So I write for me, for you, for the little girl down the street

I write because I dont care if your a crosseyed freak


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