Why I Write


I write to know who I really am

To uncover the parts of me I want to hide

To unleash the memories I’ve set aside

To open my heart, soul, and mind to the truth

My truth

To let dreams transcend realities 

And inner silenced spirits speak for themselves

I write to understand what’s inside

To look deep and hard beneath the dark depths of my core

A place easily blind to what is tangible, logical, rational

And discover what lurks’s beneath life’s surface

A world within each and every one of us

That holds the plan for all possibilities

Where raw emotions engulf numbers and figures

Where sheer determination burns down all limitations

Where pure love frees hurried second of time

And if I’m lucky, every now and then,

When focus, consciousness, and being is directed internally

In the fleeting but powerful present moment

I can get a glimpse beyond the shallow shadows

Into the center of who I am

To relive the familiar but forgotten feelings from youth

To witness the waves of welcome from a purely positive planet

To swim among the sparkling seas of perfect imperfection

And wash up on the sunny shores of personal paradise, where I am not just living,

but alive

This is where I met myself all over again

And peer into my own eyes to see the reflection of every person, place, and thing

That made an impact, told a story, left a footprint

The cornerstone of my existence, our human existence

 Where “alone” turns out to be “all one”

And I realize that happiness was here, with me, on the pursuit, adventure, journey all along

And all I had to do was pick up the pen and open my eyes



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