Why I write...

Fri, 08/16/2013 - 00:57 -- hk321

Given a mask, to hide and cover the truth but there is no need not in the presence of liquid ink. 

Wherever lyrics flow from heart to hand from soul to soul

Sharing what was lost and found, discovering those who look for inspiration...

How do you describe what is inscribed in your heart? To tear apart the essence that make you alive, 

the sorrow, the pain and the bliss there is to living. 

To bring your heart some peace...

To rest its rapid beating into rythmic music or unresolved feelings, frustrations and pain on a sheet of paper. 

So, as for me, this is the relationship I found between paper and ink and the third wheel. 

An unbreakable vow between the soul and the already set couple; to give a place for the lonely...

To become a friend and a sanctuary...

To tell my story, without exposing confidential facts only truth hidden beneath the truth. 

No lies are written, not when it is only between the ink and I; we are bound.

Eyes will see and read, but unless your eyes and hearts are opened, you won't see my image reflected in my writing. 

Even then, if you do see my image, whether you see an illusion or at least the glimpse of it, what you get from it; 

It is not up to me. 

I only know that the ink will immortalize me, 

No hard feeling or regrets, for I made the efforts to leave a legacy after me. 

Though no one may know, I am content. It is the little things that make life full. 

Through writing my secrets, I unlock myself. And there are no questions. 

No doubt from pairs of eyes or ears. 

Only my soul is free on paper 

Unlocking secrets but there



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