Why I Write

Why I Write By: Cenny Ray


Why Do I Write?

Why does Cenny Ray write?

Writers Are said to be crazy?

Why would you want to be a writer; A poetry writer at that?

Poetry doesn’t pay the bills.

Poetry doesn’t make people notice you.

 It can’t give you power or authority.

But then again, maybe it can.

Maybe you write because you can.

Maybe you write to be a rebel of some sort.

Maybe you write because after 12 long years of the same routine in school, finally no one can tell you what is and what isn’t appropriate for a certain topic.

Maybe you write because life has no topics, only discussions.

Maybe you write because you can do it anywhere, at any time, with whomever you want.

Maybe you write not expecting to pay the bills with it but because Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Maybe every film you’ve ever witnessed left a small imprint on your brain for you to connect and create new forms of physical literature.

Maybe you’re just bored, so you write.

Maybe you want to be like everyone else, or you don’t.

Maybe writing is your way of saying “Hey, remember me? Yea, I was born into this world too.”

Maybe you write to become a legend one day.

 Or maybe you write to leave a piece of you once you’re gone.

Maybe you write because you’re right.

Or Maybe your right is actually someone’s wrong.

Maybe you write because “to be or not to be” isn’t always the case and this world deserves other quotes that depict lives.

Maybe you aren’t a writer, but an artist?

Maybe clever and witty things to say are your escape keys.

Maybe you write because you like that you can always backspace or delete.

 Why do you write Cenny?

“I believe you’ve already answered the question.”

“But which answer?”  


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