I'm just another curious mind with a pen and an imagination 

Trying so hard to be an individual but I'm just another face in this nation

Trapped thoughts and unspoken words that need to be heard

Why am I so scared to speak? I love to win, but I feel like I'm settling for third..

So I realized I can be a winner without being heard but understood.

Instead of speaking, I write my thoughts on paper with words that can make any fragile heart feel good.

Why do we have to be heard to feel powerful?

Back in the day didn't leaders communicate through a typed morris code?

Don't the deaf communicate with their hands?

So why can't I, a humbled human, communicate with a paper and pen?

When I write...the words I print are me...

My thoughts, my feelings, basically a piece of my identity.

As long as the message gets delivered

Why does it matter if its spoken or read?

I will never stop writing, you can call me persistent or relentless

I write because my pen is my sword and without I'm defenseless.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

express yourself and let your voice be heard

Need to talk?

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