Why I Write

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 00:15 -- Annairb


Poetry to me is far different than any other form of writing.  A poet is faced with the task of unmasking their emotions and setting them center stage for the world to see.  Poetry requires unmuted emotion...sprung from the depths of one's soul. Poetry strips the walls and barriers berracading one's fragile heart. And as forthcoming as a poet may seem, I on the other hand have not always possessed the bravery or confididence within to present myself naked to mankind .  I was introduced to poetry not too long ago.  One day I was sad so I went for a walk... I stopped in the midst of my trail and broke down into sobs. An ity bity piece of paper came blowing through the wind. It was crumpled....I unfolded it and smoothed the creases. Inside was a poem. As I began to read my heart began to smile, my eyes began to twinkle. All was still. At that moment I fell in love with the art.  I began to write, then more frequently with hopes to perfect my craft . It is through poetry I have found my voice.  As I compared my words on paper to the thought of presenting them aloud in person, I realized my works presented my feelings and desires more powerfully than I ever could.  And hence forth a revolution began. I began write in heaps and volumes... I found it is far more simple to arrange words on a page, than present yourself to others and expose your true face.  The annomymousness provided me comfort and reassurance, thus my confidence was born.!  It was the beginning of a new era in my life, one of freedom and content. In my writings I stood tall, and fearlessly declared my opinions! The one freedom I have that can never be taken away.  And before I knew it my confidence began to breakthrough, I began to feel deserving of my voice. I now understand just how authoratative it can be. If it wasnt for poetry which helped me to release these bound thoughts and feelings I fear I would have gone insane.  Writing restored my sanity and brought happiness back into my world. Writing established my confidence and for that I am forever indebted to feed my passion until the day I die. 


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