Why I Write


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I was introduced to poetry at an early age, yet

I was introduced to my ability with it recently, and so

I was introduced to a love of doing it, and so speaking in future-tense

I was happy to introduce some reasons for loving it.


Number 1: Immortality

Artists have a greater difficulty with fatality


Number 2: Creative Outlet

I knew I wanted to do something fun from the outset


Number 3: Job Desire

I’d like to do something creative before I retire


Number 4: Dislike of Cubicles

My Dad worked in one, nearly bled out of his cuticles


Number 5: Desire for Conversation

With other individual intellectuals, perhaps over mastication


Thus in conclusion, and without convolution, I give you the solution,

as to the inquiry of my poetic constitution and evolution, and why I

fill the world with my personal pollution, for which there is no

substitution, and so to reiterate I thank you for hearing me to the way of my conclusion.


­–Michael Matthews


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