Why I write


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The pain that throbs inside of me
The thing that keeps me from losing myself
The feelings that I write down to express myself
The musical lyrics behind my true feelings.

Poetry is my music when there isn’t a speaker around
It tunes out the pain I feel when it crosses my mind
It drives out the deepened thoughts planted within my heart
It is an exotic escape to a calm peaceful island

Just me, my pen, and notepad at hand
We fly high over the depths of the sea
Smiling at the sun over way landing on a cloud of hope
Where I am at peace with my pain

I’ve won and overcome this feeling of hopelessness
This feeling of anguish, distraught, and hurt
I am victorious by nature may the birds sing along with me
No more hurt when it is all said and done

It belongs on paper where I take it there and leave it at once
These things are written down by the pen that holds the key
By the paper that now bears these burdens
I am no more held down by the past
You now belong where I have placed you
Down on the pages of hope I leave you be
This peace I now have was giving to me by way of a blessing
A blessing that I will endure forever and forever
These are the reasons why I write…

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