Why I Write


I write as an escape.
It started with letter that I would use to flood out all of my emotions.
They would be letters that would be specialized for different people.
I was the only girl of three and the middle child too.
With so much sibling rivalry in the house, things sometimes began to feel unbearable.
One day I was so upset, that I started writing a letter that opened up with "Dear Momma".
It expressed everything that was processing in my mind; drama.
Poetry became one of my few outlets, next to basketball, and drawing.
Basketball was my love, but poetry was different.
I showed my heart, mind, soul, and feelings through my actions.
Poetry put words to my actions as I watched all unfold.

Once I began writing, I my outlet was complete.
I now had the stories, the images, and video.
The older I got the more I saw and the more I experienced.
It was no longer just an escape.
It was a way to reminisce on my trials and my triumphs.
The hardest times were the ones I look back on and write about.
The good memories were documented too, but it's something about pain.
When I look back at certain parts of my life, the anger surfaces as fresh flames.
I feel the moment and the conversations.
I capture that anger and that pain, causing the words to flow with ease.
I write because I am a person of many things.
When I started writing I was complete.
I had everything I needed to be me.

I obtained all the tools to be free.
I write because I have a lot to write about.
Life has not stopped yet and there are not any brakes.


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