Why I Write


Ever since I was in grade school,

All I ever wanted to do was entertain people,

In any way I could I wanted to move them,

Make them feel.

Give them something genuine that they could relate to,

I want to make a difference.

Changing the world is hard but I am determined to make waves,

Six years ago I discovered a passion for writing poetry,

When I’m writing or being creative,

 I feel,


I want to push the boundaries.

Anything can happen when I have a pencil in my hand.

I write because it is the greatest adventure to create something,

All your own.

I extend a part of myself,

Letting the paper capture my thoughts and diffuse them across its aqua lines through words.


I love words.

I love saying them multiple times until they become something else entirely,

Writing invigorates me.

I write because I want to share that feeling with someone else.

I want to cause a reaction!

Evoke a feeling!

Delve into the ocean that is the world,

And make whirlpools with my pencil.




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