Why I Write

My name is Hannah

I write.

I write because that’s my way to explain

Without (verbal) words.

I write because then I don’t have to talk.

I don’t have to say the words

 that don’t form correctly in my mouth.

I write.

I write because without writing I would be stuck.

Stuck in a world filled with the sadness in my head.

The sadness that surrounds me.

Everyone’s sadness

It attaches to me and sucks at me. I feel it


I write because it’s the only way

 I can say what I need to say.

It’s the only way to become un-stuck

I write because it’s the only way.

I write.

Without writing I would be alone.

These letters that form words

That form sentences,

 that form what I write.

These letters are me.

I write because I need to see me

I need to know I exist in this world

Where it is so easy to be lost

Then forgotten and then

Never remembered

This world is unforgiving.

 I write because in all things I am certain of

It’s that I will be forgotten by this world,

These people walking around

 Living the same lives over again

I Exist

I am NOW

I am Here.

I write.

I write because the scribbling of words

The scribbling of thoughts

My thoughts

Calms me

In my saddest moment

I write.

In writing I discover a world full of opportunity

A world without sadness

And death.

A world where I and happy

And the people I know are happy

I write.

I write to escape

To run away without

Going anywhere .

I write because in my darkest hour

I can turn to me little blue notebook of lined paper

And my favorite pen

And write.

I write to feel better

To get over something tragic and


I write to move on

I write.

I write because I NEED

To write.

Writing helps
Writing heals

Writing lets me

Cry through my words

Through my sentences

Writing is BEAUTIFUL

What would I do without writing.

That’s why I write.




Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741