Why I Write

I write poetry for that pain I get in my hands.

I like to write for the sleep I lack.

It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something,

because "no pain, no gain!" someone once said.

Maybe I'll make something of myself,

And maybe I won't,

But writing is apart of me,

No matter anyone's opinion.

I will always write,

which will be my small fight

Against the critics and the "haters".

Instead of crying, cutting or lashing out, 

Poetry helps me express myself.

It doesn't help my confidence, 

But I never expect it to.

Poetry's an art,

It gives me another life,

A fantasy world that can be all my own.

It can be my sick reality,

If I feel ready to cope.

It gives me a sense that I'm not a loser.

Poetry tells a story: my story.



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