Why I write

Why I write


My words aren’t just words

That are thrown into a sentence

But you must uncover the mystery

Of what I have written


I write for those who can’t

But want to be heard

Even when they’re too shy

To utter a single word


I write to send a message

To those who need incite

While others seem to write rude things

And it’s all out of spite


I write to show a whole new side

A new side of life and a new side of me

I use the pen and words to get up

And just break free


I write for the expression

And to strike an emotion

I write to you all

With open devotion


I write to develop friendship

With those in need of a friend

With words from a poet

I can lend a helping hand


I write to help those

Thinking of suicide

To let them know

It’s going to be alright


I write to stop violence

All across America

Maybe my words would end

The violent hysteria


I write to expose the truth

What others wish to know

And when they get lost in lies

They know which way to go


I write to prove maturity

And share my experience

And let you know that change

Is something so brilliant


I write for to tell a story

Possibly loss or even love

I write about feelings

That might have been shoved


I write to let you know

That someone really cares

And when you’re feeling down and out

Someone will be there


I write to feel related

Maybe I’m just like you

Many have felt pain

More than just a few


I write to prove I’m different

And stand out amongst the rest

And there’s always someone better

But I still give my best


I write to shine a light

On the undiscovered truth

There’s a reason to write anything

And mine is for me and you.

Marche Stollenwerck


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

great job in reflecting why you write

poetry provide that outlet for people to express themselves without being judged upon

continue to write and build new ideas

remember-you have a voice, let no one else tell your own life experience

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