Why I write

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 13:49 -- Yattab


I write for those who can't. I write for those unheard. I write for him,her, she, he, but especially Me. I write so that the deaf can hear,  the blind can see, the unheard be heard. What's written when I write isn't greatness and doesn't touch every heart. As long as I can empathize and touch at least one.Then why I write matters. Most of what's written in reality is just a reiteration of what is already known. A story that has already been told. No one listens when the kids cry out so I WRITE. No one hears the abuse that is seen So I WRITE. No one says anything about the bully so I WRITE. I write so we all can be heard. But only one voice can go so far. Why I write is For US. Why you should write is for YOU. Its an expression of your heart, mind, and or soul. Write for you and what matters. Us is what matters to Me, So I write. 


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