Why I Write

I write for the joys that life brings right after the pain, just like seeing the sunshine after the rain.
I write to comfort those who read and for those who want to put their weary minds at ease.
I write for my mama in heaven may she rest in peace, I pray one day I see her as I'm kneeling to The Lords feet.
I write for the truth, because as i grow older the world is becoming colder and all im looking for is closure.
I write for the young women who are struggling on their own, just know God's by your side and youre not alone.
I write for the young men who dont have that father figure that they need, look up to God and he will lead, lead you in the way in which you should go and he'll teach you the life lessons you need to know.
I write for the single parents, struggling to make ends meet. Going from job to job trying to find a meal for their daughter or son to eat.
I write for guidance, for this life is a struggle and only the strong will survive, be careful how you live or it'll eat you alive.
I write for the girls giving up their innocence at an early age, sweetheart you have a lot to learn so dont be phased, phased by these guys who will tell you lies to get between your legs, dont let them get into your head.
I write for my life and I write for those going through it, once your lesson is learned, use it.


Need to talk?

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