Why I Write


Why I Write

I come to school.I sit,I listen, I write, I retain. Math, Biology, and finally I arrive at English. English, surpasses the classes in which I learn because I have to, I learn because want to. I learn about the literary geniuses that utilize the English language to create masterpieces that I'm so lucky to be exposed to. English class is my sanctum, my time to let the thoughts of my mind spill out onto paper. English class, is my time to release the creativity that bubbles up inside me, that’s begging to escape, and voice itself. Writing is something that has always come easy but something I strive to excel at. The lord bestows wonderful gifts upon us all, and I've realized writing is mine. I write to release all the tension that builds up within me throughout the trials and tribulations of life I write to feel confident to know that there is one thing in life that I am truly good at. I write to say the things I'm to scared to say out loud to speak my mind without saying a word. I write to share my feelings, to let those heavy emotions on my heart spill out onto paper . I write to share my opinion, to give others my personal perspective, and hopefully offer them a different point of view. I write to feel free,embracing my writing as the only time I don't have to live inside the lines. In writing I'm free to create my own boundaries, and redraw them whenever I feel it necessary, or when my writing gets just a little too boring. I write to feel empowered, to affirm my intelligence and utilize all that my years of English class has taught me. I write to marvel in the beauty that is the english language. I write because it is one of the only times I feel at home.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you write to live 

you live to write

expres yourself and let your voice be heard

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