Why I Write


Why do I write poetry?

To express myself.


It's an escape,

an adventure,

a looking glass into my life.


I never truly knew who I was...

until I picked up a pencil and paper..


I was bored in class,

over listening to the math lesson being taught..


I emptied my mind,

dug into my backpack,

and pulled out a sheet of college ruled paper and a pencil...


The rest was history.


I purchased a composition book,

wrote in it for a good two months straight;

never left home without it.


Inspiration can strike anywhere.


Poetry doesn't have to be cohesive to the reader,

no, to me,

as long as the author can express their emotions

through the piece,

the reader can comprehend even the most verbally 

confusing poem.



they are why I write..

they are my inspirtaion.



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