Why I write

Writing, Isn't just simply putting something on a piece of paper, it's a power that everyone is given. The power to be able to express yourself, in your own way. Writing gives you the ability to create anything you want whether it's a world, a dream, a story, or simply just writing openly. I was introduced to poetry in about the fourth grade but I thought it was just about putting words that rhyme together. At the time, I didn't really care for poetry, until later on. Time passed, as well as conflicts that I went through, but I didn't know how exactly to get through them. I was tired of trying to talk to people because I was tired of getting made fun of, judged, being ignored, or simply being a 'bother'. I would reach out to people because I wanted to talk, but in one form or another know one would listen. I write because I'm able to open up without having to worry about any of that. I write because it allows me to show my emotions in a positive way. Poetry gives me a voice, when people might not want to hear it. For those who want to hear me, I show them my work and they let me know that they listen. Poetry to me isn't simply getting a pen or pencil and putting words on paper, it's part of who I am and part of my life. When I am feeling something whether it's joy or depression I'm able to explain better as I write. Though I'm not that good of an artist, I have the ability to paint a picture with my words, I'm able to go to a place where I have no troubles or worries. I write because it let's me escape what I may be going through, it helps me find the solution to my problems and I know that everytime I write, I discover something new. Writing is part of who I am, and know one can take that away from me. I have the power to write, and I chose to make that a part of me. This is why I write.


Need to talk?

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