why i write


I am a poet this is true this is why i write this little poem for you.

I write for the freedom for my mind can escape and create a new world in very few words.

I write to realese so that when im in pain my heart can be at ease.

I write for love because that special girl is clearly from above.

I write to hate because sometimes the things cant be kept in my head.

I write to feel alive cause when i write my life seems complete.

Now to some write because its required in aspects of life but for me it is my life.

It is what i breath it is what i love almost as much as life its self.

I am someone who writes to be open for doors in me sometimes close.

These writing are my ashes as the phoniex iI rise so that one day i can look people in the eyes and tell them i write.

For hiding my passion comeon son that just aint right



These are the reasons i write

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