Why I Write

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 17:45 -- AmaniS


I remember it like it was yesterday when I was an uncontrollable teen. I was always skipping school, fighting, I was already angry but i didnt have a reason to. I have great parents who would give me the world if they could. I never understood why I was so angry and depressed, but along the line I discovered my sexuality as being lesbian and I was afraid my parents would down on me. I once was put in a mental/behavior hospital when i've became worse. I didnt like the idea, but it was for the best as I always told myself. When I was there, the staff encouraged all patients to write there feelings. I always thought it was silly so I stayed in the corner and did what I loved best and that's drawing and sketching. The nurses noticed and praised my talent so they began pushing me to write so one day I tried it and that's the day I found another natural talent which is poetry. I've gotten so fond of writing, every night before I went to sleep I always stayed up and wrote about everything that came to mind. I noticed the more I wrote, the happier I became and I started making more friends and they use to tell me so many heart breaking stories in there life and I realized compared to there lives, that I have it good and was blessed. The more I heard there stories, the more I wrote motivating poems for them and would copy them so they can wake up and read it each day. I right to encourage people down and out, I write because I can express my feelings and self examination while helping others with life and situations. I write because I can connect with the audience who might be reading this or any of my other writings. I write to save the world.

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