Why I Write

I write for the sake of a generation lost in their own wandering.
I write for the purpose of humoring my own pondering.
What am I? Why am I here? Where is my voice?
Do we all really have a say? Is there really ever a choice?
I have no say in life or death, no say in the ticking of time.
But I have the power of paper and pen, the right of expressing what's mine.
I write for the sake of words with meaning
when life is empty in itself, I write for the sake of dreaming.
When I am empty, when it all seems pointless, when I have given up
I write for the sake of knowing that just that moment is enough.
I write to explain when I can't explain.
I write to keep myself insane.
I write for Jareth the Goblin King and love we all so wish to steal
I write for Alice and for Wonderland, to find where they are real.
I write for the creation of lives, worlds waiting to exist in fantasy.
I write for the hunger for something more than this unexceptional reality.
There is hope somewhere beneath it all, writing frees me from my mind.
There is magic in words & somewhere in me, I write to bring that to life.


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