Why I Write.....


I was introduced to poetry at a young age

it seemed to soothe me when I was in a rage

it helped me get through those tough days

it helps me explain rather than sorrow in pain

I would just write and release it from my brain


Poetry is my way to talk, with a pen in my hand

Especially when I felt no one understood me in this land

People view me differently

The smiles you see       and                my poetry

differ from how people view me


Poems can be long and inspirational 

short and sweet                or

just a few lines that can explain a despondent story

I am able to express how I feel             INSTANTANEOUSLY

When I begin to write,   it's like,      I'm PROBLEM FREE


Poetry wasn't an introduction

but more like a gift to me

My poems one by one explains my story

it tells how I've been set free by writing about me


I use it as an escape

when I put my  pen down

I had another chapter to erase

and more relief from the pain

NO more pain, but I still have more to gain

by relesing those things


Why do I write? 

Because it gives me a peace of mind

A new begginning to an end

I am able to write a new title

that's where I begin


It's like I have something inside of me

and when I write it is set free

No one to judge me or say it's wrong 

poems have their own tune,            more like a song


Poetry can be anything

your imagination or a dream

it could even be a hobby

But for me              poetry is EVERYTHING


I use it for my benefit to teach

hear me when I write because my poems speak

They tell my story and help others with their pain

Especially when that person and I has suffered the same thing


Poetry goes places that people can't go 

it reaches people you may never know

Poetry says who I am when I write

Poetry never puts up a fight

I never have to argue with my pen

when I finish writing I've let go of what was within


Poetry says what I can't speak,     yet  write

Poetry is there with me all through the night


So I was introduced to something that was already a part of me

Being able to write poetry is what set it free



Need to talk?

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