Why I Write?


Why do I write?
I have found that, even though seeing is believing
Looks can be oh-so deceiving. 
For me, the will to believe comes from the power of sound
The will to make other's listen, to raise one's voice and let it resound
Throughout each other individuals heart' and mind. 
And to do so, through the power of words and rhyme. 

I write 
So that one day, my voice will be heard
My ideas unfurled onto a simple sheet of paper, with the paper to change the world.
Okay, that may be a bit farfetched
But these words, playing the role of a sketch
Of my thoughts, may one day be enough to change one person's heart
If I'm lucky, I may just be able to play a part
In some astonishing change in one person or a few
With nothing more than the words I speak true

I write
So that I can achieve a larger voice than I ever could,
With more power than my spoken voice would. 
I want to invoke some sort of change
Be it small, large, astonishing or strange.

I write because, when I was young, it hit me. 
The simple phrase along the lines of 
"I want to write, to be a poet".






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