Why I Write



I constantly get asked why I write poems
But why don’t people ask me why I eat or why I breathe
It’s become a daily routine, what else can I say
I write because I feel alone, not only at night but during the day
I would rather let it out on paper with a pen who has become my best friend
Than to just speak with a friend who will just judge you in the end
Just like music, poetry is one of my escapes
Even though in the beginning it was something I would hate
I never knew what to write about, I never knew what to say
Always thinking about how I’d have to rhyme, never knowing what song to play
Because writing in silence is somewhat of a challenge
Choose the music depending on your mood, that’s what I always do
Because when your feelings take over, music inspires you too
I write because I’m frustrated, because I don’t know what to do
Because no matter what I do, my heart just breaks in two
I write because I don’t belong here, because I don’t feel at home
I write because it’s my only hope to finding peace
I let my pencil cut through the paper like a razor on my skin
Because it’ll do less damage and self harm is probably a sin
I write to let go of all my demons, so they can leave my mind and get on my paper
Because if I don’t let them go, they’ll get the best of me sooner of later


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